Our Mindful Summer Program for children will be two weeks, the week of July 11th, and the week of July 18th, 2022 at the Intercultural Center at Brandeis University. Our hours are from 9am-2pm. Children bring their own lunch, and are provided a healthy snack. Children ages 6-11 are welcome to enroll, with priority given to Waltham residents. Reach out to Rachel (red1103@brandeis.edu) or Tara (taralwhitehurst@gmail.com) with any questions or concerns!  You can apply to enroll children in the program at this link (or apply using the Spanish application form here). Tuition for this Mindfulness summer program is $150 per week, per child. Full and partial scholarships are available. This is a non-religious program focused on teaching mindfulness that is open to all children regardless of religious/spiritual background. 

Agape is a community of “contemplatives in action.”  Prioritizing the contemplative dimension of spirituality through mindfulness and meditation, Agape has sought to be of service in a number of ways, through offering mindfulness and meditation workshops and trainings in a variety of settings in Waltham.

With the support of a “Faith in Our Future” grant from the Southern New England Conference of the United Church of Christ, Agape is excited to provide much-needed spiritual food to the Waltham community. We are excited in particular to be a resource to children and youth who are in need of tools to help ground and center them in the beauty of the present moment amidst the chaos of daily life.  

Download English flyer here

Download Spanish flyer here

English form: https://forms.gle/ksY94RWJQB9zuRRZ8  

Spanish form: https://forms.gle/2zjUWpna274eJwUw8