Our Vision

Agape Spiritual Community UCC: A New Church Start in Waltham, Massachusetts

Receiving and opening to God’s unconditional love for us, just as we are,
We seek to practice our faith
and embody agape love for all.
Awed by the mystery of God's Presence in our midst,
gratefully we celebrate the sacrament of life-
to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with Spirit.
Agape is a community of “contemplatives in action,” seeking to fully live out Jesus’ greatest invitation to love God and to love our neighbor as we love our self. In worship, Agape has devotional, heart-centered music and worship that fills your spiritual cup. At Agape, we place a high value on wanting each person to bring their whole self to worship and the life of the community, so that nobody needs to leave their mind OR heart at the door. As a Pluralistic Christian congregation, Agape is centered on Jesus, while living into the affirmation that God is still speaking, and affirming that there is beauty, wisdom, and life found in all religions rooted in love.
Agape’s priority as a spiritual community is to seek to live out, embody, and practice our faith. As a Just Peace church, Agape works for peace and justice and seeks to live out God’s reign on earth. In Jesus’ example, Agape strives to be of service to others in all we do. As an Open and Affirming congregation, Agape is welcoming to all people, in particular those who have been marginalized by church or society. Agape affirms that LGBTQIA persons are created wonderfully and beautifully by God just as they are. Agape is a Multicultural and Multiracial church, seeking to live out Oneness in the midst of our diversity. Agape seeks to live in harmony not only with humanity, but with the earth. As such, Agape is an eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable community. Agape encourages & supports people in living healthier & natural lifestyles in mind, body, & spirit.
Agape lives first and foremost not by a set of doctrines, but by a desire and commitment to follow in the way of Jesus. Agape seeks, in the UCC tradition, to encourage testimonies, not tests, of faith. We seek to honor belonging over beliefs. Agape seeks to be a loving and kind environment dedicated to teaching and modeling to children the foundation of faith and of love for God, all people, and the earth.
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