March 9, 2018
For your prayer and reflection this week:

Let’s just call it as it is.
Many churches are not places you would want to go.
In a time where we are waking up spiritually and energetically 
to our connection with all things,
many churches are still rooted in a space of separation, fear, and disunity.
In a time where we are waking up to the Spirit’s presence in all things and all people,
many churches or clergy claim that they have the answer-
that they are right,
and you are wrong.
In a time when we want to raise our vibration 
to the highest frequency of light,
too many church communities are still rooted in fear,
and are thus not a place that will serve you on your journey towards unconditional love.

But there is hope!  
Let us remember that no community will ever be “perfect.”
Perfectly imperfect as we all are,
many churches are waking up to their complicity in fear and violence,
and towards their complacency in social injustice.
Many churches are waking up to the need to nurture contemplative practices.
These practices root us in connection to all things,
empower us to touch the Divine Spirit within,
and call us to act for love and justice in the world.
Churches are waking up to the original call of Jesus to love.
Thank God for that!

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