August 16, 2019
For your prayer and reflection this week:

Looking to hear God’s voice?
Listen for love.
Every word spoken by the Divine comes from a place of love.
Every interpretation of scripture,
every “word” of God rooted in fear-
that is love that got lost in translation.
It takes practice, patience, and determination
to hear the inner voice of love.
It competes for our attention with many voices our society idolizes-
voices of money, power, and prestige.
Only when we are keenly focused
can we consistently choose love over power.
It is then, in the choosing,
that we realize that love is the most powerful frequency there is.
Might; the quest for more of the things our society lusts after in fame and fortune;
these are illusions.
Though it may be depressing when we hear
“from dust you came and to dust you will return,”
this phrase reminds us of what’s most important.
The body fades, but love never fades.
Love is the energy and intention that brought all visible things into being.
Love is the energy we return to when we transition out of our bodies.
Love is all there is.
We have only forgotten.
We’ve been walking in our sleep.
“Wake up!” say all the prophets.
Love is where you came from,
what you were made for,
and why you are here.
Wake up, and remember.  
Listen for the voice that is who you are,
and that always speaks softly and gently to the heart.
Friends, it was so great to see many of you at our Agape picnic last weekend.  I look forward to reconnecting with you for our Agape dinner church next Sunday August 25th (note the new start time: 4;30pm).  Our theme is "Faith as a Practice."  We will have an intergenerational service and conversation.  It'll be great to be back together again!

Thank you to those who came and offered their wisdom and ideas last night at our visioning gathering, as we continue to get clearer about the "Why" of Agape Spiritual Community, which informs and directs everything else we do.  We'll have another gathering as we live into this question early in the fall.  Some other new fall events are below.  

With you today in being remembering who we are, rooted in love,


Ideas for Agape 2019-20 Events?
Do you have ideas for themes or events that you’d like to lead, co-lead, or work with Matt or Dawn to co-create.  Let Matt or Dawn know as we begin to plan our Agape 2019-20 community events together.  Matt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Dawn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Agape Dinner Church: Faith as a Practice
Sunday August 25th
4:30pm- Note the new time!
Intercultural Center, Brandeis University
415 South St., Waltham, MA 02453

Service Project with the Outdoor Church of Cambridge
Sunday, September 8th
Service 9am-10am
Debrief 10am at Panera Porter Square
The mission of the Outdoor Church of Cambridge is to bring church to the chronically homeless people of Cambridge, Massachusetts, who, because of rejection, fear, shame, mental illness, substance abuse, or other reasons, cannot or will not enter conventional churches.  Founded in 2003, the Outdoor Church is an ecumenical Christian church for homeless and street-involved men and women in Cambridge, MA. Each week, through worship services held outdoors and extensive programs of street outreach and pastoral visiting, we share a message of hope and unconditional love with those who need to hear it most.  On September 8th, we will make and serve sandwiches and worship with the Outdoor Church community.

Join us for Messy Church!
Sunday, September 15th at 4:30pm
Intercultural Center (ICC), Brandeis University
For younger kids and the grownups who love them- 
crafts, snacks, and a Bible story focused on creation.
A program of Agape and the Eliot Church of Newton.

Agape Dinner Church
Sunday September 22nd
4:30pm- Note the time!
Intercultural Center, Brandeis University
415 South St., Waltham, MA 02453   

Francis Day at Agape Ware
Celebrating the Agape story! (see flyer here)
Saturday, October 5th  10am to 4:30pm
2062 Greenwich Rd.
Hardwick, MA 01037
30 years of Francis Day!  Come see and celebrate a community committed to nonviolence, contemplation, and sustainable living.  Join us for a day of workshops, skits, and reflections.  The day will feature Agape friends including Harry Duchesne, Matt Carriker, and Frida Berrigan.
Brayton and Suzanne, community co-founders, will speak about and sign copies of their book "Loving Life on the Margins."  Bring friends, bring lunch, and join us for the day!  Let Matt know (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you are interested in commuting together.

Super Saturday (also happening October 5th!)
October 5, 2019
Location:  Keefe Regional Technical High School, Framingham, MA
Featuring:  Bishop Dwaye Royster
A full-day of skill building, networking and discussing best practices. Each event offers numerous workshops, a keynote address, worship, a marketplace of vendors and ideas and an opportunity for church leaders, both clergy and lay, to network with one another.

Agape Dinner Church
Sunday October 6th
Intercultural Center, Brandeis University
415 South St., Waltham, MA 02453 

Agape Retreat!
Saturday October 26th
9:30am to 4pm
Congregational Church of Weston
130 Newton St, Weston, MA 02493
We had so much fun at our two Agape retreats last year, we’re doing it again!  Our partner church, the Congregational Church of Weston, has graciously agreed to let us use their space.  Come to bond, have fun, engage in spiritual practices, and deepen our community connection, as well as do some visioning for the future.  The retreat will include a potluck lunch.  
For more information and directions to these events, visit our website at
To make a love donation in supporting the unfolding work of Agape Spiritual Community in Waltham and the world, click here.  Thank you.