September 21, 2018
 For your prayer and reflection this week:

My eyes are enthralled, O Father, 
with the beauty of earthly flowers, 
with life’s passing scenes, 
and with the sailing, silent clouds.
Everywhere, I see hints at Thy hidden presence.
Open that eye in me which sees only Thee.
With that gaze may I behold Thee above, beneath, all around, 
within, and outside me.
Teach me in all things to see only Thee.
Open in me that eye which beholds everywhere 
Thy hidden but ever subtly reigning wonder.
-    Paramhansa Yogananda, Whispers from Eternity

One of the beautiful things about a new church start is that we are able to experiment with new and emerging ways of doing church.  It doesn't have to be the way it's always been done.  We don't have to do things because "we've always done it that way."  A wise seminary professor once shared with me, "Tradition is the living faith of the dead, and the dead faith of the living."

We don't want that to be the case at Agape!  We hope that whatever traditions we create and pass on are full of life, vitality, and vision.  As a community that encourages everyone to use their gifts and passions, I am excited about upcoming Agape events that vision partners and others have suggested and are taking leadership in.  I'm grateful to Soo for suggesting our faith and film night September 30th on "Won't You Be My Neighbor?", the film about Fred Rogers.  I'm so glad Maria suggested our Nature/Beauty Walk October 21st, and I'm really excited about our first "ARTChurch" November 4th.

There is a lot to be excited about, including Mirabai Devi returning to visit Agape October 14th at dinner church, and our first-ever Agape retreat at the end of April.  Thank you for the many ways that you are an instrument of God's love and justice in this world, in your lives, and in our beloved community.

With you today in being a good neighbor to ALL God's children, no exceptions,
Initiating Inspiration Book Club
Monday, September 24th 7:15pm
Waltham Public Library
Agape, in partnership with the Waltham Public Library, is leading a book club focused on inspirational, empowering, and spiritual readings. This group meets every other month. The next book is "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. All are welcome whether you've read the book or not. Please reach out to the Library for book availability. For more information click here.
Racial Justice Training (has been postponed to a later date...)

Faith and Film Night
Sunday September 30th at 5pm
Intercultural Center (ICC), Brandeis University
We’ll watch and discuss this film that examines the life and legacy of Fred Rogers, the beloved host of the popular children's TV show "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood."
Dinner Church- with special guest Mirabai Devi
Sunday, October 14th at 5pm
Intercultural Center (ICC), Brandeis University
For more info about Mirabai Devi: 

October 20- Super Saturday- Keefe Tech, Framingham- All Day large church event with worship/workshops, etc.
More details and register here:

Nature/Beauty Walk 
October 21st at 2pm at Wellesley College
Let’s meet for a Fall Beauty Walk around Lake Waban, Wellesley.  We will meet at the parking lot in green on the map (attached) at the Wellesley campus.  If that lot is full, there is another across the street on Route 16.  The walk is 2.8 miles from parking lot to the end of the walk which is circular walk around Lake Waban with many beautiful nature views.  Afterwards, we can go nearby to a Dunkies that has tables grouped together and talk about what we saw.  You might want to take pictures!  Wear good walking shoes, sneakers are fine.  Please see attached map to mark the correct lot. Please let Maria know who is coming.  Cell is 781-249-6340.

Agape Retreat
Friday night October 25 & Saturday morning & early afternoon October 26
We will be having our first ever Agape retreat!  One of our partner churches, the Congregational Church of Weston, has graciously agreed to let us use their space.  More details to be worked out, but the initial plan is to have a retreat Friday evening, and Saturday morning and early afternoon.  Come to bond, have fun, engage in spiritual practices, and deepen our community connection.

Agape 2018 events and directions are at this link:
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 774-270-2185).  

If you would like to make a love donation to support the unfoldment of Agape's vision in the world of living and spreading unconditional love, you can do so at the link below, or checks can be made out to "MACUCC" with "Agape" in the memo line (and mailed to 106 Stearns Hill Rd., Waltham, MA 02451).