At Agape, we welcome your WHOLE self.

Come, nourish mind, heart, body, and soul, and be a blessing in the world!

Welcome, just as you are.

What is Agape?  Find out here on Discover Waltham's first show aired November 9th (on Waltham Community Access Corporation).

“Agape” is a Greek word that points to the unconditional love the Divine has for us. It is the love that we are called to have for each other- a love that welcomes and embraces all, and that reaches out in compassionate service.

At Agape, we:
Love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength through music, worship, and contemplative, spiritual practices;
Love our neighbor as we fully love ourselves;
Love and care for the earth and all of creation;
Love our youth and children, who are not only our future, but our present;
Live in service, and work to make God’s agape love and justice real;
Live, practice, and embody our faith;
Follow the way of Jesus, while drawing wisdom from all spiritual traditions rooted in love;
Welcome all people as they are, no matter their race, color, culture, creed, finances, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression;
Affirm that God loves you just as you are!

Sound like a vision that you’d like to be a part of? No matter who you are, or where you are on your journey, you are welcome at Agape!  Join us for our advent service, dinner church, and healing meditation at 5pm Sunday, December 4th at the Intercultural Center (ICC), Brandeis University. After recent events, we all need space to be with one another in beloved community that welcomes us as we are. Being in community, we find a safe place where we can be real and authentic, and take the first steps in opening to heal our divisions and brokenness.  Children are welcome! Find out more at our upcoming events page. You can read more here on the vision or story of Agape:

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